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At her practice in Midtown Manhattan, leading endocrinologist Sarah Fishman, MD, PhD, CNSC, provides the best in endocrinology care to adults at all stages of life. In addition to her training in internal medicine and endocrinology, she’s certified in obesity medicine and clinical nutrition support, using her expertise to create highly individualized holistic plans to improve metabolic health and whole-person wellness.

Dr. Fishman helps patients with diabetes (with a focus on insulin resistance), thyroid disease, osteoporosis, polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), pituitary disorders, adrenal disease, and other conditions that affect the endocrine system.

To make it easier for patients to manage their health while living with a chronic condition, her treatments often focus on the latest technology, such as continuous glucose monitoring systems and insulin pumps. Dr. Fishman can often monitor patients remotely, which allows her to recognize dangerous trends and harmful health patterns as they occur, so patients get the help they need right away.

At this time, Sarah Fishman MD PhD PC is welcoming new patients at the practice’s New York City office.
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Words from our patients

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    "Dr Fishman is thorough and understanding. She truly cares how you are and works hard to correct ails you. Highly recommend her."

    Jeff Chow
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    "Dr. Fishman is the BEST! She is always accessible, patient, professional, and most important listens to her patients. I can’t recommend her highly enough."

    Brenda Philip
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    "Great, professional & caring doctor! Dr. Fishman is always there for her patients. Thank you doctor Fishman!"

    Edward Gertsberg
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    "Very nice, knowledgeable staff, did not have to wait long and very clean Covid precautions. Dr. Fishman took the time to listen and answer all of my questions."

    Marta Torres
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    "Dr. Fishman was very detailed about my diagnosis and very calming and supportive about it. She has been in contact and I appreciate that a lot. Great experience"

    Elly Rico
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    "Dr Fishman is one of the most thoughtful, kind and caring doctors I’ve ever met. Her explanations and directions are quite clear. And she does not pass judgements."

    Fran Wickham
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    "Well run front office. Kind nurse. Doctor Fishman made me very comfortable with the initial exam and as a result, I feel confident in her care."

    Jean Russak
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    "Informative, communicative, professional, insightful, caring."

    John Tedeschi
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    "Dr.Fishman is a very detailed doctor and listen to your complaints, I recommend her highly."

    Joey Brown
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    "Dr. Fishmen was informed and informative . Answered all my concerns and was very thorough in her evaluation . I liked her very much"

    Carol Livoti


Sarah Fishman MD PhD PC
121 East 60th St, Suite 3B
Midtown Manhattan, Upper East Side

New York, NY 10022
Phone: 212-729-8663
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