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Weight Loss

Sarah Fishman MD PhD PC

Endocrinology, Diabetes, Thyroid, Hormone & Weight Loss Specialist located on the border of Midtown Manhattan & Upper East Side, New York, NY

Weight loss and hormone health often go hand in hand, which is why the best doctor to guide you on your weight loss journey is an experienced endocrinologist. At her practice in Midtown Manhattan, Sarah Fishman, MD, PhD, CNSC, assesses your case to determine your specific needs so she can create a personalized weight loss program for you. She’s a certified obesity medicine expert who’s ready to plot your path to success. Book an appointment online or call the New York City office today. 

Weight Loss Q & A

How are hormones and weight related?

Hormones regulate your metabolism, body fat distribution, and other key factors that influence your weight. Because of this, it’s important to check your hormones if you have difficulty losing weight or if you can’t maintain your weight effectively.

How does a weight loss program work?

Dr. Fishman customizes weight loss programs to meet the individual needs of her patients. She is a certified obesity medicine specialist who’s well versed in all aspects of weight loss. As an experienced endocrinologist, she also understands all the factors that play into weight loss.

Dr. Fishman considers underlying conditions, such as diabetes, thyroid disease, reproductive disorders, and adrenal disease, when designing your weight loss plan. She sets you up to succeed by treating the problems in your way and then giving you tools for safe weight loss.

After your underlying conditions are under control, Dr. Fishman helps you learn healthy habits, with a focus on sustainable changes that you actually enjoy. She offers close monitoring and regular follow-ups to make sure you stay on track.

Throughout your weight loss program, you also work with registered dieticians who can help you with grocery shopping tips, meal planning and cooking strategies, and personalized eating recommendations.

How can I maintain my weight after weight loss?

Many patients don’t realize the importance of weight maintenance, and that’s why Dr. Fishman makes weight maintenance a part of the weight loss program at her practice.

After you’ve attained a healthy weight, you can relax a little as far as your diet. But, if you return to the way you were eating before, you can regain the weight — and all the health problems that go along with it — in a short period of time.

Dr. Fishman and the dedicated dieticians teach you a new way to look at food during the weight loss program. You learn how to live a healthier lifestyle and instinctively make smart substitutions and superior choices.

Thanks to the close monitoring that Dr. Fishman offers, you recognize weight gain trends early so you can take action and stay in control.

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