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Dr. Sarah Fishman is pleased to offer telemedicine virtual visits.  This allows you to remain at home and still connect to Dr. Fishman should you wish to avoid traveling to the office.  You can schedule your virtual appointment just as you would with your in-person appointment.  

Telemedicine FAQ:

What equipment do I need for a virtual visit? 

Any device with internet access, a camera, and a microphone can be used.  Commonly used devices include home desktop or laptop computers, tablets or ipads, or smartphones.  

Just before your visit starts, you will receive a link to a website where you will be able to see Dr. Fishman face to face, just like using Facetime, Skype, or Zoom.  

How can Dr. Fishman monitor me remotely?

Some patients may have monitoring devices at home that automatically send information and data directly to Dr. Fishman.  Dr. Fishman can access this data from any device with internet access.  

Dr. Fishman is also able to submit medication prescriptions and request blood or imaging tests remotely.  Testing scripts can be sent to you by email, as well as directly to the appropriate testing facility. 

Is a virtual visit secure?

Yes.  We use a secure, HIPPA compliant platform called Doxy.Me to provide most of our virtual visits.  In the event that Doxy.Me is not available we can reschedule your appointment.  You can request that your virtual visit occur using FaceTime or WhatsApp, but know that these systems are not secure.  

How does this work? 

To start your virtual appointment, go to  Prior to the start of your appointment, you will receive an email or text message with this link to our virtual office.  When you arrive, you will be placed in a virutal waiting room until Dr. Fishman is ready to start.  In most cases, your appointment will start within five minutes of the scheduled time.  There is no need to sign in earlier than your appointment time.  


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